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          Text. Pay. Save.

          We are no longer accepting new applications for TxtPay. Current TxtPay members can continue to receive the lowest gas price, guaranteed.

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          Frequently Asked Questions


          Using TxtPay is a fast, easy, and secure way to manage your gas budget. Whether you’re a parent setting up sub-accounts for your children or a business owner creating purchase restrictions for employees on the road, Murphy USA is here to help. Check out these frequently asked questions for tips on verifying your account, using TxtPay, and more.

          View TxtPAY FAQs

          TxtPay Help

          At Murphy USA, we embrace the idea of open communication with our customers. TxtPay is a revolutionary new way to buy smarter, and we’re here to help with anything you need to know about using TxtPay.

          For questions or comments regarding TxtPay, please contact Customer Care:

          If you have any financial questions or questions regarding a declined purchase or enrollment attempt, please contact our ACH provider, Certegy:

          • 1-800-347-8992 (toll free)
          • www.askcertegy.com
          • Certegy Check Services, Inc.
            P.O. Box 30046
            Tampa, FL 33630-3046

          Text Message Glossary & Info

          Text Glossary

          At Murphy USA, we speak savings. It’s the kind of lingo that takes some getting used to, so to help make TxtPay as quick and convenient for you as possible, we’ve created this handy guide that explains each of the automated TxtPay messages you could see on your trip to the pump.

          View Glossary
          We’d Like to Hear from You
          At Murphy USA, we understand the importance of company accessibility. Got a question or an issue that needs to be addressed? We want to know about it.
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